Typesetting and Page Composition

Auric has been providing professional typesetting and composition services to STM companies, Global publishing companies and Universities around the world. We provide typesetting services to companies like books, magazines and journals.

Auric takes the content in any form or format and return high quality output ready to be printed. We offer the full suite of prepress services that enable clients to go from concept to print in the shortest possible time at a competitive cost. Our team has rich experience working with a wide range of applications including LaTeX, QuarkXPress, MathML, InDesign, 3B2, and FrameMaker.

We have a large pool of experienced, skilled compositors well versed in using the latest versions of pagination software handling digital typesetting and composition of books and journals. We typeset works with any kind of complexity: from one-color to four-color and one column to multiple columns and creating templates. We also provide typesetting services in Dutch, French & German language.

Magazines & Catalogues Designing

We offer end-to-end solutions for magazine & catalogue production designed to meet the client's requirements in a quality-driven, cost-effective manner. We provide comprehensive layout and advertisement designing to meet the unique requirements of the magazine & catalogue production process. We have experience in developing customized workflows to improve the turnaround time and to reduce the costs. Our design expertise spans across all educational disciplines in both print and digital media. Our digital artists use their experience to good use and provide the entire range of image editing services to help you produce a visually rich publication.

Project management

Auric Project Managers are empowered to work on your behalf. They, along with our production managers, guide your projects to success from start to finish. In addition to flawless scheduling and tracking, we provide full transparency through real time reports generated from the publishing systems.
Our Project Management services include:

  • Author/editor management and communications
  • Managing and communicating with onshore and offshore resources
  • Coordinating and consolidating page and advertisement corrections
  • Monitoring and escalating page length issues
  • Coordinating with sales on advertisement related issues
  • Monitoring publishing cost impact
  • Coordinating with printers

Illustrations, Artwork and Indexing

Auric design studio caters to the requirements of end-to-end illustration and design solutions for books, manuals, journals, brochures, advertisements and reference works. Our experienced graphics team can visualize and design creative covers based on your concepts.

A good content can go waste if the reader is not able to locate it. Our indexing team understands subjects so well that it becomes a cakewalk for it to classify contents and tag them correctly

Proof Reading

We believe in continuous, proactive interaction with authors and publishers. Apart from the entire proofreading that our team performs, it also takes care of font style, italicization, correct usage of symbols, and much more. When it comes to proofreading, we help you meet and exceed your readers' highest expectations for content quality. Auric’s proofreaders scrutinize every sentence and word, correcting errors and inconsistencies.

Liaisons with Editors

We communicate with authors, journal editors, copyeditors and typesetting vendors to ensure a smooth production process. We check copyediting and layout for general style elements. We interact with your database or workflow management system if necessary and correspond with authors and editors to request late or missing material – is persistent with non-responsive authors. We also email page proofs to authors and editors; receives and reviews corrected proofs to confirm that all corrections are properly implemented. We ensure complete and accurate deliveries

Line Art Origination & Creative Art

We have a rich experience in complex line-arts, maps, creative line art: medical, environmental, biological, cartoons and chemical artworks. We are capable of delivering the same with the greatest precision and high quality. Our skilled artwork experts deftly handle color scanning, color correction, and color separation. We also create high-quality creative arts using rough sketch provided by authors.