Reflowable ePub (ePub2 & ePub3) Mobi & ePDF

We do conversion of any type of content to ePub and Mobi format (Application files, Word document, scanned pages, hard copy, PDF documents, custom XML), with high quality standards and quick turnaround times. Auric is capable of handling complex content and layouts, and can create ePub and Mobi compatible with several mobile devices. We offer efficient, affordable and cost-effective Mobi, PRC, ePDF conversion services to make your content available on Amazon Kindle and other web-based reading platforms. We also provide EPDF which will have bookmarks, links and metadata for better navigation on devices than the normal pdfs.

Fixed Layout ePub (ePub2 & ePub3) KF8 & Highly illustrated Books

Fixed Layout specifications provide rich presentation possibilities than standard eBook reflowable text formats. Fixed Layout format eBooks are ideally suited for children's books, comic books, highly illustrated books and magazines. Auric provides Fixed Layout ePubs to publishers at a competitive cost and in quick time. Some of the distinctive functionalities compatible with fixed layout ePub are:

  • Rich color and graphics
  • Enhancing art, Photography and illustration
  • Multicolumn text
  • Narration - text highlighting, background music
  • Page designs and layouts


Auric is experienced in designing and creating iBooks using the iBooks Author, and implementing features such as Image Galleries with swipe-through for easy navigation. Media formats such as .m4v and .m4a. Interactive Review questions including multiple-choice and drag-to-target Keynote presentations

  • Interactive images allowing for pan or zoom for more detailed information
  • HTML widgets created in Dashcode, Apple's widget creation tool

Enhanced eBooks (Audio, Video & Interactive, Animated)

Enhanced eBooks are becoming increasingly common as more authors and publishers create books specifically designed for digital consumption. Today, the evolved reader is looking beyond conventional eBooks and desires an enhanced reading experience which is attractive, appealing and engaging. The key is to bring technology to books, leading to creation of enhanced eBooks with rich multimedia, animation, interactivity, audio and video.

Auric offers you the expertise of our media designers, technologists and content developers who are equipped to satisfy the needs of the evolved reader. We offer creation of enhanced eBooks with specialized features:

  • Addition of rich and engaging media features such as audio, video and interactivity
  • Hidden searchable text and collapsible tables of contents which makes navigation and selective reading more convenient
  • Internal linking with footnotes/annotations/cross references/indexes
  • External linking with associated websites/social media sites /geolocation/directions

We enrich content with semantic tagging, make sure it is interoperable across devices, and ensure it supports accessibility standards so the information is available to color-blind and visually-impaired users.

Children's ebooks & apps

Auric provides animated ePub Children eBooks and interactive eBooks. We specialize in creating and producing entertaining and interactive children's books, ebooks and apps for clients around the world. Our list includes non-fiction, pop-up books, preschool, picture books, activity and more - all with a focus on high quality design, editorial and production values for children age 1-12 to learn and have fun. Our segment of animated eBooks for children is popular among clients who require eBooks that are appealing and interactive to the targeted users.