About Auric

Auric is a digital content solutions companies providing content enrichment, publishing and learning transformation services to Publishers, STM Companies and Educational Institutions. Auric is truly an end-to-end content solutions provider offering the whole gamut of services from developmental editing to digital products for global publishers. Our product and service solutions allow our clients to serve people of all ages and backgrounds by providing effective, compelling and engaging digital content across traditional and newer mobile platforms, formats and devices.

Auric has built a consistent track record of growth, profitability and excellence by developing deep, mutually beneficial partnerships with our core clients. We aspire to be a preferred partner to tackle and address the rapidly evolving educational marketplace with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Auric creates content. We design, capture, convert, and enrich it. We repurpose it, manage it, and make it discoverable. We build and support the technology and workflows that move your content across your entire organization and to market quickly and effectively. Auric employees combine craftsmanship with cutting-edge technical know-how and a real willingness to adapt to our customers’ specific needs.

We are a Mumbai based eContent Management and Prepress Publishing company supported by Account and Project Managers in Australia, France, India, Abu Dhabi, UK & USA.


We aim to be the trusted, strategic and preferred partner for our customers through sustained customer delight. We are committed to build long-term partnerships with our clients by offering the highest-quality solutions and services on time and within budget.


We shall be an employer of choice, developing global leaders from within and maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We will foster and encourage innovation through continuous improvement and we will invest in our people to create a motivated and empowered workforce.


  • Innovation- Our focus is to enhance our customer's business opportunities and improve their profitability through creativity and innovation. We create an environment which challenges assumptions and encourages flexibility in doing business.
  • Commitment − we honor our commitment to our customers, employees and society at large and meet them with sincere efforts.
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction- We satisfy the unique business needs of our clients by adopting a customized, customer-centric approach to respond to a wide range of market challenges.
  • Care for our people and their wellbeing - We believe that learning should never stop. So we invest in our people by providing necessary training to enhance their knowledge and personal development.
  • Strive for Excellence- We believe in healthy competition by delivering the best services and adopting industry leading practices. Our mantra is to surpass client expectations and maximize their value by achieving excellence.
  • Value Teamwork – We feel that individually we are one drop but together, we are an ocean. Teamwork is something which we value the most.
  • Accountability & Transparency − we are accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work and we ensure that information is available, accessible and understandable at every stage of conducting business.

Auric Expertise & Advantages

Our expertise, efficient processes and the ability to understand our clients' needs enables us to stand out as one of the most highly regarded IT and ITES services providers in the industry. Since 2011, we have been working with customers worldwide to offer innovative cost-effective solutions and services that enhance productivity.

Auric is a technology-driven company with an in-house team of software engineers and our IT team is developing software tools that enable us to provide value to our customers by reducing costs and delivering on time.

Challenges Faced by Publishers

All publishing segments have been adversely affected by the recent global economic downturn as well as the digital revolution with content. The constant in¬crease in the costs of production and print, altering customer preferences, and the growing investment in new media technology are all forcing publishers to rethink their survival strategies. Publishers have indicated the following as the top three challenges:

  • Coping with margin and cost pressures
  • Adapting to new technology
  • Value added services with current offerings

Why Auric?

By combining pioneering technology with a proven publishing outsourcing approach, Auric creates business value for publishers:
Flexible and scalable "Rightshore" de¬livery model
Proven workflow management system
Complete life cycle services manage¬ment for trade, STM, academic, magazine, newspaper, legal, directory, and database publishers
Partnership model to reduce total cost of engagement